Learning Together


Boyare Primary School, along with our local community, is committed to the development of a sustainable school. We endeavour to use best sustainability practices to develop each students personal understanding, knowledge and empathy for environmental issues. Through ongoing programs that develop environmental consciousness and more sustainable ways of doing everyday activities, we strive to make our school environment a more pleasant place to work, play and live.


Boyare Primary School is an accredited Waste Wise and Water Wise School. This has been achieved through the continued work in reducing, reusing and recycling within our school.

Our motto ‘Learning Together’ captures the community focus of our school. We are committed to building strong and positive partnerships with parents and local community.

At Boyare we:

• Recycle paper and batteries.

• Monitor lights at recess and lunch.

• Collect and use food scraps for our worm farm. The produce is then sold to the local community for the Year Six activities.

• Container’s for Change.


Boyare Primary School were recognised by the City of Stirling for our sustainability commitment around the school and were presented with a Living Green Award – Schools Taking Action.

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