Lunch Time Clubs

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Lunch Time Clubs

The children at Boyare Primary School have plenty of choice when it comes to lunchtime activities.


The expansive grounds provide space for those interested in physical pursuits. The oval hosts football and soccer matches; the hard courts are available for netball, basketball , tennis or 4 square and the cricket nets provide endless fun for keen cricketers.


Some children choose to spend time on the playground equipment or play imaginative games in the sandpits and grassed areas.


Lunchtime is also a chance to just sit and chat with friends after a busy morning!

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs are a great opportunity for everyone to have some fun and interact with others, from all year levels, who have similar interests and passions. And that’s not just the students!  The Staff provide a variety of indoor club activities, with their own interests and talents coming to the fore! Students make recommendations about the Clubs they would like to see run and from there, we are able to accommodate.


The activities provide plenty of scope for acquiring new skills, often from like-minded fellow club members. Very importantly, they provide the opportunity for friendships to be made outside the usual circle.

Technologies Club

Technology is at the centre of our lives in most environments, and the classroom is no exception. Students are growing up in a world surrounded by technology. Technologies Club allows students to learn and embrace the use of ICT. Students participate in an inclusive environment, develop their collaboration skills and explore creativity. Digital Technologies Club enables students to become innovative creators of digital-solutions and effective users of digital systems.

Chess Club

Boyare Primary School Chess Club meet during school lunchtime once a week. Students are encouraged to learn and hone their skills, with senior students representing Boyare in authorized tournament play with other schools and students in the community. Students get the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their critical thinking and strategic skills while being able to learn new and interesting game tactics with their likeminded peers. The social side of this chess club is just as important to each of the students and they share their wins and losses at the end.


STEM Club offers young people the opportunity to explore Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in an informal setting. Student’s experiment, ask questions and tackle challenges to design a solution to problems.


STEM improves student’s practical skills and helps them to develop teamwork, problem solving, communication and independence. Our new Science Room (completed this year) and planned Technology Centre will ensure that our students will be equipped for the future.

Lego Club

Lego Club provides students with an opportunity to build Lego creations with their peers in a relaxed setting. Our school is currently investigating competitions in which they can compete against other schools.


1. LEGO helps children bond: lunchtime clubs have given children the opportunity to build friendships they wouldn’t have otherwise built, and break down walls for children who are shy or have additional needs.

2. LEGO encourages teamwork: communication and teamwork are put to the test with each new build, allowing children to work at these important skills in a fun setting.

3. LEGO enhances learning: from lessons in design to behaviour management, there is a lot to be learned from the world’s most popular plastic bricks.

4. LEGO teaches problem solving: each new build must be approached with creativity and persistence, and requires a skill set beyond simply following instructions.

5. LEGO sparks ideas: let children loose on a pile of LEGO bricks and watch the ideas start flooding in.

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