Early Childhood

Learning Together

Early Childhood

Our early childhood educators at Boyare provide a wide range of rich play-based experiences to challenge and inspire all students.


From diverse backgrounds, the children enjoy programs that are mindful of specific developmental needs and learning styles incorporating explicit direct instruction, collaborative learning and small group activities Our highly skilled staff understand that play-based learning is an important part of a balanced approach, and, alongside more explicit teaching and instruction, it helps keep every child productive and engaged.

Our programs are designed to encourage and develop a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy in addition to providing all children opportunities to explore, discover, imagine and engage in purposeful and meaningful activities. Our educators keep themselves informed of best practice and in doing so strive to source effective, play based resources to support learning programs such as the recent addition of a beautiful new nature play space.


At Boyare, we recognise the family as the child’s first and most influential educators. Families are welcomed, respected and supported to work in partnership with our early childhood staff to meet the WA curriculum within a supportive environment

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